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MILF Tugs » Phoebe's Lolli-Cock

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Phoebe's Lolli-Cock

Featuring Phoebe Page
Duration 11:41 min.
Phoebe Page, who's 45 and will celebrate her 46th birthday later this month, is wearing a bra, panties, stockings and a garter belt. She's telling her guy that he has a big cock. This is probably something he already knows, but what guy doesn't like to hear that? "I love to make love to them with my tongue and my mouth," Phoebe says of big cocks. "I like your outfit," Johnny says, going off-topic for a moment. Dangerously off-topic, we think, but fortunately, Phoebe is focused on his dick. "We don't have big cocks like this where I come from," she says. Really? Phoebe is from Nashville, Tennessee. They don't have big cocks in Nashville, Tennessee? Okay, if she says so. "Would you like me to blow you?" Phoebe asks. Now there's a question that does not require an answer! Phoebe is married.

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