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MILF Tugs » The Greatest Cock-Sucker Ever!

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The Greatest Cock-Sucker Ever!

Featuring Kay Kummingz
Date 06/13/2018
Duration 13:26 min.
"If they gave out Academy Awards for sucking dick, I would win an Oscar," said Kay Kummingz, a 48-year-old housewife from Connecticut who claims (and proves in this video) that Linda Lovelace of Deep Throat fame had nothing on her. "I love all the different sexual acts, but I absolutely adore giving head. I deep-throat, and when I'm turned on and I deep-throat, I squirt. My hands aren't even on my pussy. It just happens. And when I'm really turned on, my throat opens up like a woman's pussy opens up, and I use my mouth to fuck a man's dick the way a man uses his dick to fuck a woman's pussy. Once a guy gets a blow job from me, I'll have ruined him for anyone else." Kay isn't bragging. We asked her to back up her words, and she did in this scene, sucking the guy's cock down to the root and feasting on his balls. She has great hand skills, too, offering rapid-fire hand action while her mouth works its magic on the cock-head. She slurps.

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