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Fuck My Mouth, Please!

Featuring Carey Riley
Date 09/20/2017
Duration 15:47 min.
It is truly remarkable what a woman is capable of when she puts her mind to it. In this case, when she puts her mouth to it. Here, Carey Riley, a 42-year-old wife, has been given a very long, very thick cock to suck on. It's the kind of cock a lot of women would shy away from, but not Carey. She sucks it deep. She makes nasty, dirty slobbering and gargling noises while she sucks. She sacrifices about a gallon of saliva while pleasuring this very lucky piece of meat. Then, for an extra-special touch, she stretches her mouth open with her fingers so the dude can fuck her mouth like it's a pussy. This is the kind of super-slutty stuff that makes women like Carey special. Finally, she opens her mouth for his cum.

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