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MILF Tugs » Cum That Sticks To Her Nose And Eyelashes

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Cum That Sticks To Her Nose And Eyelashes

Featuring Samantha Ray
Date 08/29/2018
Duration 15:54 min.
In this scene, Samantha Ray, a 43-year-old first-timer from Michigan, jacks a cock and sucks it and then coaxes cum onto her pretty face. By the time this scene is over, sticky nut sauce is dripping from her eyebrows and eyelashes. Yeah, the guy missed her mouth by a little bit, but who's complaining? Not Samantha, that's for sure. But before that happens, Samantha, who's wearing a sexy bra and panties and has her tits out from the get-go, lies back, spreads her legs and gets her pussy eaten and fingered. The guy doesn't bother taking off her panties. He's in too much of a hurry, so he just pulls them aside. Samantha's pussy? Shaved. And notice how nicely her nipples point toward the ceiling while the guy sucks her clit. She cums, and then she says the magic words: "Oh, I want to take care of you!" Because that's how a woman reacts when you eat her pussy right. Samantha Ray describes herself as "very happily married," but that doesn't mean she doesn't fuck other men.

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